Suffolk, the UK’s Treasure Trove

The UK has seen a huge rise in the amount of archaeological objects being reported to museums, and Suffolk, including Halesworth has been a hive for these discoveries.

The news comes as figures show that over 90,000 finds were reported to the British Museum in 2010, a 36% on the previous year. Such great figures have led the Museum to encourage members of the public to dig deep and get out and find ancient treasures.

Whether in a field or on the beach residents of Halesworth could come across local treasure left behind by countless generations including Vikings and Saxons.

One of the most famous finds in Suffolk resulted in 840 Iron Age coins being discovered. The coins dated from 15 to 20 AD and have been the largest hoard of coins found in Britain since 1849.

Other items have also included a Roman Knife Handle depicting a “romantic” Roman scene. It is only one of a few of this type of design to ever be discovered in Britain.

If your in Halesworth or anywhere else in Suffolk this summer, it might be worth taking that metal detector. You never know what you might find. Metal detecting has become more and more popular in recent years, with people scouring Suffolk’s beaches in hope of valuable finds.

The Portable Antiques Scheme (PAS) is a voluntary organisation that aids members of the public in recording possible historic discoveries. It provides great information and articles on archaeology with advice to find treasures in your area. Check out the official site and get finding those Dabloons!

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