Useful Halesworth Town Council Contacts


Who are the people on Halesworth Town Council and who do you may need to contact? In this article we will look at who you might want to speak to and why…

We often have visitors and locals contact us with their thanks, thoughts, suggestions and yes gripes. Many people seem to think that Love Halesworth is a taxpayer funded project, when its an entirely independently owned website for the town of Halesworth. This is why we’ve published this ‘Useful Halesworth Town Council Contacts’ post to enable our visitors to find this information quickly and easily and also so we can direct people to the democratically elected individuals who can actually help with your thoughts, suggestions and gripes.

You may want to talk to the council regarding a number of issues. Who you choose to contact depends on the issue involved- for example if you want to discuss places at your local school for your child then you need to talk to someone in charge of education. If you are concerned about parking in the local area then you talk to the councillor in charge of car parks.

To get in touch with the council, you can either email the clerk at this address: or call 01986 874517.

For a full list of councillors on the Halesworth Town Council click here

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