Handy dog walks around Halesworth


Halesworth offers some great places to get you and your dog out in the fresh air

There are a number of places to walk your dog in Halesworth. One of the best is a circular walk taking in Wenhaston and the River Blyth before heading back to Halesworth.

The River Blyth is interesting because it was originally a canal but has since become overgrown and teeming with wildlife and plantlife, making it a fascinating area to walk along. As you walk along you also take in Wenhaston, the home of the local church and the Wenhaston Dome artefact. The walk is around 8 miles in total so is ideal for dogs that need a lot of walking (with smaller dogs you may want to stop and head back earlier). The only thing to be aware of is that this walk does have some low lying land so can be prone to flooding and be wary of cattle as dogs can be startled by them.

If you want somewhere with nearby facilities then Halesworth Town Park provides a wide expanse to give your dog a bit more room to move about. Equally with the extra facilities it is ideal if you have kids and want to keep them occupied while you make sure your dog gets the exercise they need!

These are just two examples of the kind of walks available, helping to make sure your dog keeps fit (and you enjoy yourself in the process!)

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