Halesworth Production Hopes to get to West End

‘Nicked’, a production playing at the High Tide Festival in Halesworth, hopes its play will reach the West End.

The plays subject matter wouldnt be too far from home, if it did reach the West End. ‘Nicked’ is a play that portrays the creation of the coalition government and the 2010 general election, with its central character, tragic hero, Nick Clegg.

From the 29th of April visitors of The High Tide Festival at The Cut in Halesworth will be able to witness the bizarre production. Central character, Nick along with many other famous political faces will perform rap and urban music tracks, as the story of the election progresses.

Unfortunately Mr Clegg was not able to play himself, so actor Jason Langley stepped into the deputy prime ministers shoes.

He told the Press Association, “It’s about getting under the skin of these characters that we all know so well because we see them every night on the news in our living room. Throughout the play there’s a really interesting struggle for Nick between doing what he believes in and doing what the system wants him to do, the dodgy deals and the back room handshakes.”

Langley sees a similar struggle in the lyrics of many hip hop stars, explaining, “They are constantly torn between the violence and sexism and drugs and gangster lifestyle on the streets and wanting to lead a better lifestyle. Sometimes the system does not allow you to do that and there’s definitely a reflection of that in the play.”

So if you want to witness a hybrid of production, politicians, government and urban rap take a trip to Halesworth, and check out The Cut, with ‘Nicked’ and other productions happening throughout the year.

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