Get fit and walk around Halesworth


It’s usually around New Year that people make their resolution. Inevitably a big one is to do more exercise. However you don’t need to break a sweat in the gym or gyrate in a dance class to get fit. Indeed a simple walk around Halesworth can be an easy way to introduce more fitness into your routine (although if you do want to add exercise classes there are a number of them in Halesworth as well!) So why not kick off your 2016 with a walk around Halesworth?

Walking is often referred to as “the free gym”. You do not necessarily need to monitor your heart rate or check your steps (although there are apps available online that allow you to do that if you want.)

Equally for families it can be a good activity at the weekend too- a way for younger kids to burn off some excess energy and in the case of some older children a chance to be away from screens for a bit (although if they do want to use their phones there are some incredible views around Halesworth that are begging to be shared on social media). For parents there is also the chance that you can get out and about and chat with people your own age.

Of course there is the concern when going for a walk that you end up ambling onto someone’s private property or end up completely and utterly lost. Fortunately in the age of the app there are numerous websites that allow you to plan a route so you know where you are going and how long for (especially important if you have impatient children or you have something planned in the evening)

However if you don’t want to rush back home and fancy something to warm yourself on the way home there are a number of cafes, restaurants and pubs in Halesworth. The high street is also full of interesting shops and a charm that is worth exploring in and of itself. While there are a number of larger places to go shopping sometimes it is good to relax and take the time to enjoy the relaxed pace and quirkiness that somewhere like Halesworth has to offer.

People often talk about “getting away” in the new year as January can sometimes feel depressing after the festivities of Christmas. However sometimes it is easy to forget what you have on your own doorstep- so if you do want to make a resolution this year a walk around Halesworth can be a step in the right direction!

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