Enjoy the beautiful public parks in Halesworth

Things to do

Halesworth is an area that is well worth exploring and has a number of parks for people to enjoy

The great thing about market towns in East Anglia is that they are often located in areas of natural beauty. While Halesworth is often associated with cultural locations like the local galleries and The Cut theatre it is easy to forget that the town has a few natural locations that are worth looking at in more detail.

The most well known of these facilities is Halesworth Town Park. Open all year round this park is the home of the annual Gig in the Park which should give you some idea of its size. The area is proudly described as both family friendly and dog friendly. Furthermore it mostly provides disabled access with the exception of some gradients.

The area provides children’s play parks, a basketball court and a skateboard park. However this is not at the expense of the local environment- there are lots of trees, wildflowers and trees that provide the perfect place to take in nature. With the river walk area you also have a specific area to wander around before it is time to head out to the pub!

Away from the town park Basley Park provides an outdoor gym, ideal for people who want to keep fit but who may not necessarily want to pay membership fees!

Aside from the outdoor gym Basley Park also provides a playground, a picnic area and plenty of room for outdoor activities.

In short Halesworth is more than just a charming town- it is a fantastic place to take in nature and get fit while doing it!

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