Creating Energy in Halesworth

Norfolk and Suffolk have become known in recent years for their inclusion in large scale solar power projects.

From large wind farms off the coast of Great Yarmouth to the many businesses cropping up over both counties investing in Solar PV Panels.

It is the latter that has become a recent addition to areas in and around Halesworth. Having Solar PV Panels can make a very noticeable impact on your energy bills, as the technology is designed to provide power to household appliances and lights etc.

Suffolk Energy, installers of Solar Panels in Suffolk and Norfolk are seeing a great response to people wanting to invest in solar energy. With Halesworth’s close proximity to the coast and other solar projects its easy to see Suffolk becoming a solar county, with residents positive about the technology.

Its definitely worth seeing how solar energy could benefit your home, which can be done with a simple Solar Energy Calculator.

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