Are you happy with Halesworth High Street?

A brand new research study has been commissioned by Waveney Business Forum in an attempt to give a boost to Halesworth’s High Street shops. It is hoped the study will help retailers meet customers’ needs and compete with the growing threat posed by internet shops.

Christine Pinsent, of Beccles Business Association and the Waveney Business Forum committee, told the Eastern Daily Press: “This shopper survey would like the views of consumers in Waveney to try and understand what is happening and why, to market towns and town centres.

“Ultimately, the project aims to give the Waveney market towns a boost by understanding the shopper experience and any changes which need to be made to improve that experience.”

We’re always keeping up to date on the latest news, but what do you think? Does Halesworth need a survey like this, or are its shops perfect as they are? Give us your views in the comments section, as we’d love to hear your opinions.

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