A New Leaf For East Anglia’s Railways?

This week a new blueprint has been unveiled which calls for massive investment and refurbishment of East Anglia’s ailing railways, much to the delight of the region’s stressed out travellers.

The document calls for new trains for the Norwich-London line, as well as a full refurbishment of all passenger carriages. George Freeman, MP for Mid Norfolk, told the Evening News: “Fast rail links are vital to our region’s prospects. For too long East Anglia has been used by London as a dumping ground for housing without the necessary infrastructure or jobs. The Government has unlocked £20 billion for infrastructure – this is our opportunity.”

What do you think? Have you had an unpleasant experience with East Anglia’s railways, or do you think the money could be better spent elsewhere? Let us know in the comments, and have your say.

If you’re a rail enthusiast, you may relish the opportunity to go back in time to the golden age of steam, before Dr Beeching’s cuts, when rail was king. There are some incredible books, like Neil Burgess’ Suffolk’s Lost Railways, which take you on a fascinating and often surprising journey into the past.

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